#StarbucksTime – Coldplay

18 July 2014 § Leave a comment

I’m sitting here. On Starbucks, a famous coffee shop in the world. I feel, well, nothing.

Hmm. Can i chat with you while i hear a Coldplay song? Yeay, i’m getting boring. But maybe this is can be a story.

So let me tell you. There was four people in front of me, three a girls and one a boy. The girls beside me is working something. And then beside her is reading a book. After her, there was a boy and a girl, who sitting separately, playing with their gadget.

And i just saw a boy and a girl getting fight. They sit near a door.

Okay, this is not important. So what i want to say, what in the my thoughts, hmm something about life.

Do you know, my life, i want something new. A changing life. Like what? Something a full of challenge.

Im curious why sometime life is feel like, how i can describe it, well i just saying a random thing. Nothing important.


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