#MondayThoughts – when i can’t stop loving

4 August 2014 § Leave a comment

Maybe around this two months, i felt upside and down. I didn’t know where i must go or what i should do. I felt sorry for myself for maybe a “wrong” dessicion.

But later, God say something different to me. He asked me everyday the same question. He said,” do you believe in Me?”

I looked myself and i found that i’m still sit in the near of corner. You know what i means? That is mean i’m scare.

What i afraid? I didn’t know!

But i realized why God asking me a same question everyday. That because He didn’t want i fall into the dark.

He want me to always the bright.

He want me to follow Him into the shine.

So, what i thought today thay God never false and my dessicion is not wrong.

Because God want me to see the BIG plan for my life.

To see HIM in everywhere, in everytime, in every moment.


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