#SundayFavorite- When I fall in Love

14 September 2014 § Leave a comment

Love. People like to talk about love. People like to search what is the meaning beside love. People like to feel love.

I could hear the sun singing in the morning when love come into my heart.

I could hear a noise when heart take a beat.

I could hear my mind blowing when i see love in front of me.

People knows the power of love.

People believe about love.

But sometimes, people can’t accept what love can be.

It can makes you hurt a hundred times than a desease.

It can makes you cry like a baby.

It can makess you shout like a crazy.

But when it’s love, you just need to feel it.

Because when you fall in love, that’s the big time to look what life it can be.

I fall in love with green, i love the others color, but green just make me peace.

I fall in love with a movie, when i watched a movie, it always inspired me more than i know.

I fall in love with dresses. I can be me when i wore it. I create a dream when i look another girls wear a cute and pretty dress.

fall in love with writing. Even i don’t have a clue what i wrote, i just always want to write something. either for someone or just a silly story. it makes my brain keep alive.

I fall in love with photograph and storytelling. when i look a beautiful image or a stunning story, i just can feel my dream is a part from them.

I fall in love with myself. because i know i can give a big smile and it makes others cheer up. I’m not tall or really pretty like others, but people alwaays remember me becausse i have something special in my life.

I fall in love with this earth. because i know why i need to work. I just want to explore by myself, with my eyes, i want to touch every place that i look in the movie, in the picture, and in everywhere. even i know it’s not easy to make it come true, but i believe it will.

and last thing i know, for now, i will fall in love with one guy. He is very special. and i know from the first time, he is the one that i need to fall in love even i know maybe he can hurt me. It not just for a status or everything, it’s because he is my missing pieces and finally i will sing “finally ssomeone one” in my wedding day.

Why thiss is happen in this life? Because when you born in the world,no matter how your family condition, no matter which house do you will stay, no matter how many sisterss or brothers do you have, and no matter… There is no reason.

because you born with LOVE! and you will grow up with love and you will dead with love. 🙂


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