#NightThoughts – is it already in your dream?

20 October 2014 § Leave a comment

People keep saying, when you make a dream, make it bigger so when you fall, is not that hurt.

The others, who hear your dream, just saying take an action, don’t just talk!

But what myself said? Welcome to the dream world! It seems like a dream, but it is real.

When people just look an illusion,you will see the real time.

so, where am i now? In the future, on the way to reach the goal, in the middle of “dream”.

Really? Yeay, call me crazy, but you know nothing about my life, right?

I feel hard to take this way. But in other sight, i feel this is what i want! entire time i’m looking, and i got it!

It seems not perfect, but I can see this is what “passion” always told!

You can’t breathe, the other way, you can’t see. but You really know what you want.

is it not enough? for people who sees never enough until they see what th thropy that i gets.

for me, this is still a journey and i don’t need a thropy to prove my dream. i just need myself to keep telling me to not afraid, keep positive and always have a faith.

because believe or not, you already in that way!

simple! welcome to the dream to be real world soon! 😉


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