#NewYear2015 – The best thing will come

3 January 2015 § Leave a comment

Wow! It’s been a long time since my last post. Things happen. Yeay, i hate when i keep saying that. It’s like i never feel bless with life. The truth, i feel okay.

So, i can’t believe it, this is already a new year again. Honestly, this year, when i was in the last day of 2014, i feel like i’m in the dreaming. Yes, it is so fast.

It feel like i don’t wanna sleep. It is to many things that i’m not doing yet. It’s not just to look a world but also it’s about to seeing the beauty of love.

So, what i will keep saying for this year, ” It will happen! My dream will come true. My prayer will be answer.”

I must keep my mind in balance. It’s hard to do. But i will try harder to make it balance. Between a positive and negative, there are always an answer.

I don’t know what i write now. It blended!

Well, let’s we see what will happen next. You tell me! 🙂


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