#SundayThoughts -grow up!

15 February 2015 § Leave a comment

when the person you love that never love you back, well, it hurt! i can feel what Ted in HIMYM felt. it was true, really hurt. but the hurt thing is when you never say you love him.

when you try to find the other love but you still remember the person who never love you back, it will like that you looking for the emptiness.

how to move on? by looking yourself. give a little room in your heart and let the other love will come.

the cupid is out there. they know who is really for you. the one who maybe will hurt you but he will love you more than you ever know.

when the time will come? well don’t think to much. just let the time heal your life and your pain.

the right time in the right place.

that’s the part of love life. and it will be worth it, someday! really someday! 😊

#JustRealize -HIMYM S08E13-


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