#MorningThoughts- Come and Go

4 March 2015 § Leave a comment

You can’t expect all the thing in your life will be good all the time. Because it can’t. Never can.

It happened to me this time. I was really happy. I met a new friends, I went with my bestfriends, talking with him all time, i got a new car, and everything that makes me happy. Then, yesterday, it was very disaster!

My new friends not contact me anymore, my bestfriends  like gone, and almost everything make me very sad. Yes, it happened! That’s life right? Things will come and go. You never know when it will come and go.

It’s like “BOOM!”

In that point, i realized something. Maybe, maybe, we are a real drama queen ever in our life. Why? Maybe it wasn’t that bad. It just the time that will make you think and learn something. Maybe, life without problems, it simillar like drink coffee without sugar or eat fried rice without chilly.

That’s why you need a suprises. You need to make a suprises for yourself! Why?

It just to make you feel happy maybe. And when you feel the happiness, enjoy it! Don’t think too much or over thinking for everything. Just enjoy it! Feel the happiness. Smile and spread it.

Because you never know when it will gone.

That’s life! That’s the silly one. I’m living in there.

For every risk i took, i know someday it will be really worth it. 🙂




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