#MorningBlessed – Thank you Mom!

9 June 2015 § Leave a comment

Every mothers in this world have a story tell. The story about how she feel when her son and daughters were born. Yes, one of that story is from my mom.

I know the truth that my mom is not perfect. She is not a kind of mother figure that i always dream. But she still my mom.

I know the truth that my mom is only  a human. She made a mistakes. Sometime she hurt me really deep until i cry. Not just a cry because i hurt, but also the tears because i know i hate my mom that moment.

But also i know the truth that my mom is really love me. She really love her son and daughters no matter what we have done. She was angry when we not hear about her opinion. And of course she was angry when we fight with her.

But the last truth about how big her love to us, make me realize how blessed i am have a mother like her. She is not perfect but she only a human who have a BIG LOVE. She just can’t express about her love to us.

She always smile when we gave her something but she can’t express about how she feels. She always save what we gave to here as a special treasure that she ever had.

The truth about how big her love to us, make me realize how precious my life because of her.

Do you know about the phrase said “To make something special you just have to believe it’s special.”

That’s what i always believe about my mom. Yes, to be honest,  i don’t have a good relationship with my mom. Sometime i really mad with her. But the deep down in my heart, my prayer always for her. I always love her no matter what. I always always love her. When i wake up in the morning, i always remember about her, even i mad, sad or happy.

Maybe, what i need it just your special smile, Mom! Because you are special more than everything in this world. I hate when the devil come into our live and screw everything. But i feel blessed because we know about God. He always protect us from everything that will make us set apart.

Thank God. To live in our life. Thank God. To make me feel blessed all the time.


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