#Day39 – suprise!

8 February 2016 § Leave a comment

Sometime, you just don’t know what will happen next. It gives you a surprises.

Sometime, the surprises make you cry or make you laugh.

Sometime the surprises scare you and make your stomach really hurt.

Sometime, the surprises make you confuse about all this things.

Sometime, the surprise make you think a lot of things.

Maybe that because life not seems perfect like how you think. Life just being honest with you. There is no a such perfect life.

We must be ready for everything. The spontaneous about life is more scary than the planning life.

It will make you cry for some reason that you know it was a silly things.

But that’s life! It will give you surprises.

So, what should i do for this life? Just be chill and take a moment to feel every bless that i got.Maybe, it will make me feel calm in the middle of my fight with myself.

No matter what, just be honest with yourself. Tell what you afraid for and what you love the most. At least, you will know that you still on track. maybe..


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