31 August 2016 § Leave a comment

I’ve been writing about life since I had this blog. I thought a lot about life. Sometimes, I thought too much until I lost myself. I thought being loved by someone around you, it can make you feel happier. But it’s not.

The most important who must love yourself is just you. It’s myself. I’ve been thinking about love since I know love. I lost, i found and I lost again. Time to time is like a monster, especially when you lost your love.

Maybe, that is the reason why people always said “life is like a roller coaster. Life is uncertainty. Life is a box of the gift. Life is just a life.” How to make life feels more alive, maybe, that’s the key to happiness.

It’s not what you want that can make you happy. Sometimes, what you have now, that can make you happier. But, we are a human. As a people, we have a regret if we can’t get what we want. We feel angry with something that we can’t get it. But at  some point, we already have what we want. Do you get it what i mean?

I mean, we have a dream. We will reach that dream no matter what. But in the journey to get there, especially when we lost, we will forget, we already in our dream. That’s why they called “Blessed.”

Life will push you harder. To get what you want or to let go what you have.  No matter what happen in this life, maybe, we must never forget that we still have a faith.

Someone tell about “Expect for the greatest thing happen to your life, appreciate everything you have.”

Maybe, life as simple as that. All the positive thought that teach by yourself, it will make you become a person.

A good guy never knew about the beautiful of life if never felt down.  A good girl never becomes a stronger person if she never lost everything. Because that’s how life teaches us to be a better person.

Whatever life teaches us, life is a wonderful journey. You will lose everything, at the same time, you will get your box of surprise. You will get everything, at the same time, you will know how great your life to be.

Maybe be thankful for every moment that happened in our life is the secret of life.




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