10 words that i always wrote on my blog!

8 September 2016 § Leave a comment

I thought, i’m a weak person. Yes, maybe i have a weakness. I thinking a lot about my weakness and the result, i got nothing from that. OR maybe i learn something.

That’s the point about positive thinking that i always tell myself. Every time i had feeling down, i stop thinking. Then, i keep telling my self, “HEY, TODAY YOU WILL DO SOMETHING GREAT! Believe in yourself! You have a sparkling in your life. Some people maybe not seeing that. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! You still have a friend, a good friends, and the most important, you have a “FAMILY”.

Remember these words that you always write to be a note for yourself.

  1. DON’T BE SCARED! You’re a brave person more than you know! You can do it whatever you want because you can not because they said “you can or you can’t”.
  2. YOU CAN DO IT! No matter how hard your job, your dream, your journey, you can do whatever you want because again, you can!
  3. DON’T LET YOUR SELF MAKE YOU DOWN! Why? Because you have a talent! You have a strength. In dictionary, it means you have something that you should proud of it, even the other people can’t see that.
  4. THINK POSITIVE! That’s the key of your happiness today.
  5. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ABOUT THE CRITICIZE FROM ANOTHER PERSON! But don’t let what they said about you, make you feel nothing. Filter it, and realize you are not a perfect person. Learn from that, and GROW UP! You can be an adult! You will be a GREAT PARENTS! YOU WILL BE A GREAT PERSON!
  6. EXPECT EVERYTHING FOR THE BEST. Even you will get something worst, but you should be blessed!
  7. NOT ALL YOU WANT CAN YOU GET. Instead you being selfish, you should learn how to understand more about what you want. Maybe, sometimes what you have is more than enough.
  8. RESPECT! Maybe this is the hardest lesson on this life. But, this lesson have a lot of meaningful for this life. My point, that’s how you can learn to feel blessed more.
  9. LOVE! You have been dreaming about love since a little kid. YOU GOT THE LOVE THAT YOU WANT. The pure love from God, your family, and now you have someone who teach you more about love. Feel blessed about that and LOVE YOURSELF MORE THAN YOU KNOW. Because that is the most important in this life.


5 Years from now, you will become a success woman more than you expecting. So, today is the great day to start the journey!


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